Man its been awhile but iam back

its be a hard month for me and on my xanga i dont talk about the real me just the funny stuff that happeness stupid hu? well i swer i am about ready to die my dad is being a mager pain in the Ass….

Well off to go due something i love my paint shop pro 9

Wow is all i can say

It has been a full filled day of emotions these past couple of days with my depresson and all my doctor uped my Depakote two days yesterday so hopefully ill feel it soon…….which i was shocked to hear since i already take a very high doces but he said thought it needed so hopefully that it …he said he look at my blood test and everythang came back good so thats good.I have to go to eye doctor  tommrow and get my glasses…and my mom says i might get to go to my back doctor wooohooo lol my back is out so badly i can only sleep with a heat pad and every time the heat pad turns itself off "which is every hour safety dill on it" i wake up ill be glad when my back is all aline…


do you know if you have to have a webhost before you can add plug-ins and stuff to your site please  help me if you know or not….

on to another not i might be get a digtal camier today wish me luck with that lol ….

Thank you

please Comment

Love Jenifer

Got bored lol it is 5:05 am

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I want to go to….

I want to go to Canada so badly to see Glorene …I also want to go their to just see somethang new learn their culture …They live very diffrent from us they dont judge nor are they hate full…Glorene is one of my very best online Friends i talk to her pretty much daily either on the phone or on im or in our msn group….I love her to death and back i call her “Mama Glo” because is like another mother to me ….She cares about me and it shows…..


Hi guys iam still working on this…so bear with me learning all this html are killer on me….

Edit it is 7:12pm
I never thought it would be this hard lol owell ill get the hang of it trust me might take me awhile …You might be wonder why i changed to WordPress well i have seen lots of great blogs come from wordpress and xanga and myspace are just not my type of blog to many weridos ….but i know theirs probley a couple of werido so here to so iam might make it to were you have to have the password and all ….Sorry i just dont trust people anymore had to many thangs happen online…
Well off to go see if i can figure this stuff out lol ….
Love Jenifer

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